they solved the problem by letting students sleep

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they solved the problem by letting students sleep

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RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug. 13 (Xinhua) -- Following is the schedule of Rio Olympics finals to be contested on Sunday, August 14 (all local time):


7:00 Men's fourth round


9:30 Women's marathon

20:55 Women's triple jump

22:00 Men's 400m

22:25 Men's 100m


12:00 Women's doubles

NB 14:00 Mixed doubles

NB 15:30 Men's singles


13:00 Men's 50m rifle 3 positions


13:05 Men's RS:X

14:05 Women's RS:X


14:00 Men's floor exercise

14:47 Women's vault

15:34 Men's pommel horse

16:21 Women's uneven bars


14:15 Men's light fly (46-49kg)


16:00 Women's 3m springboard


17:15 Men's Greco-Roman 59kg

17:30 Men's Greco-Roman 75kg

Track cycling

17:42 Men's sprint race 2

18:47 Men's sprint race 3 (Race 3 only takes place only when winner can not be decided in race 2)


18:30 Men's team epee


19:00 Women's +75kg

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