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That is not the only important trend exemplified by our Green Car list Cheap Justin Abdelkader Hoodie , however. For the 2011 model year, we have also witnessed the rise of the electrically powered vehicle. Nissan has created a stir with its all-electric Leaf, daring to plunge into territory that General Motors eventually found untenable over a decade ago. Meanwhile, GM has learned from its EV1 experience and launched the Chevrolet Volt, an electric car that Cheap Nick Jensen Hoodie , interestingly enough, carries with it a gasoline engine that on only the rarest occasions actually drives the wheels. Instead, that task is left to the electric motor-generator, making the Volt feel like a pure electric. Since both Leaf and Volt are plug-ins, they can relieve you of the need to frequent gasoline stations. Due to its all-electric-all-the-time nature the Leaf is emission-free Cheap Dylan Larkin Hoodie , while the Volt’s emission performance depends a great deal on how – and how long – it is driven.

As the consideration process wore on, we in the kbb editorial department were confronted with the fact that, in terms of Green Cars, there are more good choices than ever before. And while that might make our job of choosing a Top 10 a bit tougher, it is nothing but a positive for all of you who are considering an environmentally friendly car these days.

Top 10 Green Car

2012 Ford Focus
Impressive fuel economy is just one of the things we like about the new 2012 Ford Focus. Among our favorite features are its excellent handling Cheap Frans Nielsen Hoodie , impressively outfitted interior, sweet Euro styling and the availability of cool features like Ford’s Sync entertainment and communications system. You can even equip the Focus with Ford’s highly impressive auto-park feature. And for maximum efficiency, Focus sedan buyers can add the SFE package, upping highway fuel economy to a solid 40 mpg.

2012 Fiat 500
Fiat is returning to the U.S. after a 27-year absence, and we’re confident this time will be a better experience for all involved. Smaller and less powerful than a Mini Cooper but with more personality than a Toyota Yaris Cheap Mike Green Hoodie , the Fiat 500 offers a new combination of European heritage and sub-compact practicality. We wish the small Fiat and its little 101-horsepower engine could eek a couple more miles out of each gallon, but it’s still one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles available today – and pretty darn charming.

2011 Hyundai Elantra
There are now a few non-hybrid compact cars that deliver highway fuel economy of at least 40 miles per gallon, but the 2011 Hyundai Elantra is the only one that does so in every trim. In addition to the impressive efficiency, we’re fans of the all-new Elantra’s bold sheet metal, stylish interior and attractive list of standard and optional features.

2011 Volkswagen Golf TDI
Interested in saving the planet but don’t want to stop having fun? The punchy Cheap Gordie Howe Hoodie , sticky, miserly Golf TDI just might be the instrument of good you seek. We’re long-time fans of the Volkswagen Golf lineup for its European driving feel, hatchback utility and interior quality that outclasses anything else in its class. When outfitted with the automaker’s ubiquitous 2.0-liter turbo-diesel engine capable of delivering quick launches and 42 highway miles per gallon, you can feel especially good behind the wheel.

2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid
Garnering combined EPA-estimated fuel economy of 39 mpg, the Ford Fusion Hybrid was an easy pick for this list. In addition to its outstanding fuel economy Cheap Jonathan Ericsson Shirt , we also like that it delivers the driving dynamics and comfort that make the conventional Fusion so endearing, including SYNC and navigation, with the addition of a really cool LCD gauge cluster.

2011 Honda Insight
The most affordable hybrid on the market is now even more affordable. The Honda Insight has a new starting price of $18,950 – reduced by more than $1,000 compared to last year’s model — and tops out around $24 Cheap Darren Helm Shirt ,000 with features like a navigation system, Bluetooth phone connectivity and an upgraded audio system. Above all else, the Insight’s 41-mpg combined fuel economy rating qualifies it is as the third most fuel-efficient hybrid on the road.

2011 Lexus CT 200h
Who said a hybrid has to look like a spaceship? Or even a regular sedan? The 2011 Lexus CT 200h looks like a sporty little premium hatchback – which is exactly what it is. It’s only as quick as a Toyota Prius, but it’s otherwise responsive and athletic. Put it in Sport mode and you may just forget you’re driving a hybrid as you navigate twisting back roads in the newest and most affordable Lexus.

2011 Toyota Prius
The original hybrid for the masses is still the segment’s heavyweight when it comes to getting the most miles for your gallon. Whereas some efficiency-focused cars require an adjustment in driving habits to wring the most out of the vehicle’s fuel-saving technologies, the Prius allows you to drive as you normally would and still see mpg returns that you can brag about during your semi-regular visits to the gas station.

2011 Chevy Volt
For the first 35 miles of the day Cheap Martin Frk Shirt , the Chevy Volt is an electric car. After that, a gas engine kicks in to power the car for up to 379 miles. Some argue the all-electric Nissan Leaf is greener. Volt fans point to their car’s superior range. We can recommend both, depending on the needs and desires of the buyer. As a bonus, the Volt looks like a tasteful vision of the future – inside and out – and is one of the most fun electrically driven cars we’ve driven so far.

2011 Nissan Leaf
With a groundbreaking combination of range, room and price Cheap Luke Glendening Shirt , the Nissan Leaf is the first all-electric car for the masses. The EPA says the Leaf will deliver 73 miles per charge and the equivalent of 99 miles peWith approximately ten tho. Sam Darnold Jersey Russell Wilson Jersey Authentic Rob Gronkowski Jersey Phillip Lindsay Womens Jersey Odell Beckham Jr Womens Jersey Myles Jack Youth Jersey Mitchell Trubisky Kids Jersey Minkah Fitzpatrick Kids Jersey Michael Thomas Saints Jersey Le'Veon Bell Steelers Jersey
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