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Michael Frolik Flames Jersey

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These will bring even the star quarterback to tears: the movies} that appeal to both our love of sports Cheap Calgary Flames Jerseys , and that basic human desire to watch the underdog succeed. If you're an avid football fan, each of the following films merits your immediate attention (or at least, a reserved spot on your Direct TV HD DVR!). All of the major movie channels on Direct TV offer these movies on a continual basis, so flip through the simple Michael Frolik Flames Jersey , interactive channel guide and you'll most certainly be able to find one or more of these.

Friday Night Lights: A cult classic directed by the highly respected Peter Berg, Friday Night Lights covers the season of a Texas high school football team. In West Texas (or so the story leads us to} believe), football is life, and vice versa. Since made into an award winning TV show Mike Smith Flames Jersey , if nothing else Friday Night Lights is a gripping tale of the frailty of youth. We especially recommend this movie for teens and young adults. Try to catch it on Direct TV.

Any Given Sunday: The cast alone makes this movie a must-see. Jamie Foxx, Dennis Quaid, Cameron Diaz, Al Pacino and James Woods all together in one film? Throw in cameos by rapper LL Cool J and former football star Lawrence Taylor Troy Brouwer Flames Jersey , and you have the makings of a highly entertaining blockbuster feature. Brought up to the first-string due to an injury to the starting quarterback, Jamie Foxx's character is suddenly thrust into the limelight. Unfortunately, this new world of easy women, fast cars and HDTVs blaring rap videos 247 quickly begins to fall apart Dougie Hamilton Flames Jersey , and the main character is compelled to deal with issues including bigotry, drug addiction, and sexual misconduct. In some ways a veiled attempt at an inside look into the National Football League, Any Given Sunday offers a couple of hours of superb entertainment.

Rudy: This is the ultimate feel good story Travis Hamonic Flames Jersey , a tale of hard work, perserverance, and determination. Rudy is a young man from a hamlet in Indiana with just one dream: to wear the gold helmet of the Notre Dame Fightin' Irish. Unfortunately, his short Sean Monahan Flames Jersey , somewhat pudgy build doesn't come close to matching his immense will to succeed. The story tracks his ups and downs, and transcends sports as a tale of emotion and the endurance of the human spirit. If you're trying to introduce a young person to the sport of football, make sure that Rudy precedes your subscription to the NFL Sunday Ticket.

The Replacements: Our final flick deviates from the other three by a bit. The Replacements are a team of labor scabs led by the washed-up Shane Falco (played by Keanu Reeves). These "replacements" are really a serious crew of misfits, including a player just out of prison for the sole purpose of playing Matthew Tkachuk Flames Jersey , as well as an alcoholic, gambling-addicted Englishman. Those descriptions alone should let you know you're in for a rollicking good time. Choose any of Direct TV's excellent movie programming packages, and you'll enjoy access to these movies and much, much more. All of the above are a perfect complement to the great action on Sunday and Monday Night.

DJIBOUTI, May 9 (Xinhua) -- Djibouti President Ismail Omar Guelleh was officially sworn in on Sunday for a new five year term, following his victory over five other candidates in the April 9 presidential elections.

The swearing ceremony in the Djibouti capital was attended by several regional leaders, among them, Rwanda President Paul Kagame, Sudanese President Omar El Bashir, Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn as well as delegations from friendly countries.

Also in attendance was Yan Junqi, the special representative of Chinese President Xi Jinping. Yan is also the vice-chairwoman of the Standing Committee of China's National People's Congress, China's top legislature.

""I begin this term with the spirit of service, and the idea of working for every Djiboutian,"" Guelleh said after being sworn in for his fourth term.

""We shall put all our energies and all our convictions in achieving structural projects that are necessary for our growth today and tomorrow,"" Guelleh said.

The president said ""development infrastructures are not only the means for us to achieve prosperity, but they are also the means that will enable our continent to start trading within itself, and hence achieve inclusive and lasting growth.""

In his speech, Guelleh equally deplored the fact that ""the Muslim world and Arab nations are currently confronted with unprecedented divisions.""

He insisted on the need to embrace values of ""tolerance, moderation, generosity and openness to others,"" which he said ""had helped Djibouti to avoid dangers related to extremism.""

Born on Nov. 27, 1947 within the Ethiopian territory of Dire-Dawa, Guelleh who served as the chief of staff for a long time in his predecessor's office, was elected president for the first time in 1999.

He hailed the strategic position of his country, which is situated between the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, and which today hosts numerous foreign military bases involved in the fight against terrorism and maritime piracy.

The president's policies as he begins a new term in this young Eastern Africa nation that attained independence in 1977, will include attracting foreign investments with a series of large scale infrastructure projects such as ports, airports, a new railway line and pipelines.

The policy of putting up large scale infrastructure projects has boosted the country's economy which has been recording positive growth for a number of years. The International Monetary Fund forecast late last year that Djibouti's economy would grow 6.5 percent in 2016.


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