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Bullets taken out from Xiao Xin’s body are seen packed in a plastic bag for Pathological tests.
Yingde City police in Guangdong Province are investigating a case in which three young girls were shot Cheap Baltimore Ravens Jersey , New Express Daily reported today.

Police believe the perpetrators were seeking revenge against another target.

Neighbors said two masked men on a motorcycle drove by with one firing shots at a different person around 5pm on Sunday in Lixi Town. The shooter missed the intended target, but hit three girls, two 4 year olds and a 5 year old, who were playing outside, the report said.

Neighbors said the men then fled on the motorcycle.

All three girls are expected to survive although one girl, nicknamed Xiao Xin Cheap Atlanta Falcons Jersey , was hit with 14 bullets, the report said.

“Doctors have only taken out 10 bullets near her head and heart considering her young age. The other four are in her arms and legs. They will operate again after she recovers,” her mother, surnamed Feng, told the newspaper.

“We don’t know who is responsible. We have to cover all the medical bills by ourselves,” Feng added.

Police said they are still searching for the suspects.

Former Pakistan captain Shoaib Malik said he was well geared up to stage a comeback in the first Test against England in Abu Dhabi starting on Tuesday - his first match in the -longer format for five years.

Malik played the last of his 32 Tests in 2010 Cheap Arizona Cardinals Jersey , also against England, before losing his place to youngsters Azhar Ali and Asad Shafiq.

Malik was only added to the Pakistan squad last week as the 16th member following his excellent performances in the one-day and Twenty20 cricket, and then a door opened for him with a foot injury to Ali.

Malik said he would do his best to succeed.

He accepted that batting at No.3 would be demanding.

"Of course, it would be challenging but that is the requirement of the team and you need to give it your best shot," said Malik.

Malik said he was tuned up to playing the longer format despite mostly playing in the shorter form of the game.

"Of course, it is challenging to play the longer forms but I have not missed any first-class season and being a professional I know how to cut down that pressure Cheap New England Patriots Jersey ," said Malik.

Malik, who made his international debut in 1999, was made skipper after Pakistan's disastrous World Cup campaign in 2007.

But in the next two years his career nose-dived and he lost his place in lineup for Test matches.

Malik said that since he was dropped the Test team had been doing well and it had been tough to regain his spot.

He is now determined to try and resurrect his career.

"Look, you cannot say that it [his revival] is complete, but I have confidence and I am hopeful that it will be like that," he said.

BEIJING Cheap Minnesota Vikings Jersey , Oct. 3 (Xinhua) -- Democracy and the rule of law are interdependent, and a democracy without the rule of law will only bring havoc, says a commentary to be carried by Saturday's People's Daily.

In recent days, protests have been staged in Hong Kong in the name of seeking "real universal suffrage," causing traffic jams, less tourists Cheap Miami Dolphins Jersey , the stock market plunging and the suspension of schools and stores.

"All these chaotic scenes have caused worries and irritation among Hong Kong citizens," says the commentary on the flagship newspaper of the Communist Party of China Central Committee.

According to the article, the so-called "Occupy Central" protests are aiming to realize political intentions that violate Hong Kong's Basic Law through unlawful means, and however the organizers and instigators labeled such acts as "peaceful" or "nonviolent," they cannot change the illegal nature of the protests.

"These acts will undoubtedly end up with the rule of law violated, severely disrupted social orders Cheap Los Angeles Rams Jersey , huge economic losses and possible casualties," says the opinion piece.

The protests attempt to force the central authorities to change the decision made by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), China's top legislature, on Hong Kong's electoral system. The decision made on Aug. 31 granted universal suffrage in the selection of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR)'s chief executive on the basis of nomination by a "broadly representative" committee.

Noting that one essence of the rule of law is absolute abidance by the law and the punishments on violators, the article says nobody is able to disregard the law or take exception to it. "Young students should also abide by the law."

It also says that the measures of Hong Kong police to cope with the protests are necessary to ensure the rule of law, and they only used teargas when left without choices against protesters who bumped police defences and even poked police with umbrella.

"Hong Kong police are very professional Cheap Los Angeles Chargers Jersey , and the actions they took were necessary, appropriate and moderate. There are no reasons to criticize their law enforcement acts," it says. "A democratic society should respect the opinions of the minorities, but it doesn't mean those minorities have the right to resort to illegal means.

"Democracy can only be prosperous and the rule of law developed when we express opinions and seek consensus under the framework of law," the article says, urging protesters to return to reason and the rule of law as the common responsibilities of all Hong Kong residents who truly love Hong Kong.

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